Logistic / Courier Management System :

eLogistic is a powerful, yet simple-to-use web-based courier management software solution designed for the Same-day, Next-day, Distribution, E-Commerce and Warehousing industries. eLogistic can be highly customized to harness and leverage the power of your changing business. Operate eLogistic in Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome on workstations, laptops or tablets.
eLogistic dispatch management software incorporates all phases of your business, including on-demand, routed and scheduled work, distribution and cross docking operations, warehousing and LTL. With eLogistic, our brings your company the essential tools required to help maximize your resources, streamline operations and attract new business. Our dispatch management software automates the flow of valuable, customizable and time sensitive information ensuring accuracy, accountability, and greater profits.

eLogistic is a modular full business software framework for an enterprise which posses operations in domestic and international courier services. eLogistic performs a variety of activities pertaining to the processes in the logistic context of a courier business. eLogistic solution handles the end to end process staring from initiating a courier order, driver pickup and delivery of a courier business. eLogistic covers all the controls and processes involved in International Courier Import Services, International Courier Export Services and Domestic Pickup & Delivery.

We give you screens, print-outs and functions that work for your routines and treatment procedures.
There are also tools and functions to communicate with other information systems used at your clinic or hospital. These can be about administrative tasks, automatic registration of test result from the lab or other necessary or time saving functions.


  • Set up Master helps you to enter and update the fiscal year data.
  • Set up Company Details and Rate master It is used to define and update the company details and rate master such as air cargo rates, domestic rates, surface rates.
  • Consignment Detail All the consignment are stored in the system using this module and these consignment further distributed to employees of the courier company.
  • Consignment Receipt Consignment computerized receipt is given to the client after getting courier from them, in this module user has to enter client details, consignment number, mode, weight and destination and amount will automatically calculated as per the weight and destination.
  • Bill Generation This utility helps to generate bill according to date and company. Date range is given for date so that user will able to generate bill for any number to months.
  • Reports Numbers of reports are generated in this software as per the requirement.
  • List of the reports are given below:
  • Bill Report
  • Received Consignment Report
  • Cash Report
  • List of Companies
  • List of Destinations
  • Consignment issued, balance, not issued report

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